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What does luxury interior design mean in 2024?

Rethinking the luxury aesthetic

Luxury interior design no longer means shiny, over the top and expensive. Here’s our take on what luxury interior design will look like in 2024…

West London Terrace by Owl
West London Terrace by Owl

1. Craftsmanship at the core

There’s a strong focus on quality, artisan products and bespoke craftsmanship. Moving away from standard furnishings and fixtures, interiors will be designed with a lot more personality.

2. Personalisation

Think bespoke joinery and custom-designed furniture. We love designing completely unique pieces for our clients, whether it’s a bespoke headboard, or a sofa that fits exactly in a space.

3. Tactile luxe

Tactile, natural fabrics such as wool, silk and linen take centre stage this year. These materials not only look luxurious, but create comforting and cosy spaces.

4. Handmade and one of a kind pieces

Handcrafted items not only add character but also show exclusivity, celebrating individuality and adding a much-needed personal touch in a world full of mass-produced ‘stuff’.

As reported by Monocle at the interiors trade fair Maison & Objet in Paris:

‘In previous years there has been a desire for furniture to be perfectly finished. Many of the wares showcased this year, however, were enhanced by small imperfections, giving them a more handmade aesthetic.’

5. Mixing textures and materials:

This year, luxury interior design continues to celebrate the artful blending of textures. Mixing materials such as linens, wools, solid woods, metals, and marble.

Upminster Loft Bedroom
Upminster Loft by Owl

How to incorporate luxury interior design into any budget:

1. Choose quality over quantity

Choose a small selection of high-quality items. This can instantly elevate a space, without the need for an overwhelming array of furnishings and decor.

2. Treasures in second-hand finds

We love searching for unique pieces at vintage markets or online. Auctions and antique market markets are great places to sourced solid furniture, second hand linens and marble lamps for bargain prices. See our ‘10 favourite places to source antique furniture’.

3. Choose pieces from emerging artists

Visit art fairs showcasing up and coming artists and choose pieces that you really love. This can be really affordable (and often a great investment!), and is much more personal and exciting than just having prints and posters on your walls.

4. Explore local craftsmanship

Explore local craft fairs for unique, artisanal pieces that you will truly treasure, whilst supporting local makers.

5. Move a treasured item to a new location

Giving it space to breathe. For instance, a vase you have had for years could be placed on a plant stand, for a feeling of grandeur.

The Chapel by Owl
The Chapel by Owl
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